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About us
Yingkou LANOL ElectroMagnet Co.ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise which produces high quality products in Ninety level using foreign advanced technologies and equipments with new engineering and new materials,and meassured with especial testing method. Our company has been set up dong with the reform prcoess in china,the chairman of board,Mr Morgen.Dennis takes pant in the management.The company possesses an abundant funds,sound mancagement and excellent prestige.The in a nufacture process is contorolled by modern managing patern with computer system design refering informations from internet and epitomeged an unit of both technologies and talents,so the company could offer high quality goods in lower price through flexible aggressive market champion.

Our company can produce unstandard products according to the requirement of clients and there are maintaining services ad well. Do not hesitate and being in touch with us immediately if you want to order our products or take interesting in the company. You are welcome!